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Pet Passports

What you need to know
The “Pet’s Passport” allows you to bring an animal back into Britain after travelling abroad in certain countries. All European countries are covered, plus some colonies.
NB if you visit or travel through any country not on the scheme (the most notable being the USA) your pet will still have to go through quarantine.
In order to obtain a passport your pet will have to go through several preparatory steps:

  • A microchip must be implanted.(See our section on micro chipping).
  • Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. We recommend two injections, two weeks apart for young or elderly patients.One injection
  • The Rabies vaccination we use, requires a booster every THREE years. Providing the rabies injections are kept up to date,the passport will only need to be stamped when the vaccination is done.
  • Between 24 and 48 hours before you return to Britain you must have your pet treated against tapeworms and ticks by a vet in the country that you visit. The vet will have to stamp your passport when this is carried out.


It should be noted that you can only return your pets to Britain via certain named carriers. It is also worth noting that the passport only covers return to Britain. Some countries have extra requirements (e.g. a ministry health certificate). Check with DEFRA, at least one month before you leave, that no other criteria must be met, especially if you are planning on leaving the country long term.

If you have any questions, please call the surgery or goto Pet Passport. There is also a Government helpline number – 0870 2411 710.

Heathrow also has travel information.


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  • July's Pet of the Month

    July's Pet of the Month award goes to Niko.

    Niko has just turned 1 year old and he was rescued by his owners when they were on holiday in Greece when he was just a few weeks old.

    Unfortunately for Niko, his first year was rocky to say the least.  Mr and Mrs Wright first brought Niko to the practice back in October last year for a check up after his journey into the country.  Niko was showing symptoms of kennel cough which needed to be treated and required vaccinating but otherwise was well.

    The following month, Niko started having seizures.  These started to become more frequent and resulted in Niko being taken to our emergency out of hours clinic, Vets Now, for treatment.  The following day, he came into our hospital for continued monitoring and support.  The seizures caused temporary hearing and sight loss, which was quite frightening for Niko but with gentle care and support in the hospital and at home, Niko's senses recovered.

    A few months later he started to have diarrhoea which despite regular routine treatments became persistent.  Other symptoms then started to occur including lameness and skin problems.  The vets suspected there was a likely link to all of these conditions and so Niko was booked in for a diagnostic work up which included blood samples, xrays and skin biopsies, all of which were sent to our external laboratory for testing.  

    Results showed Niko was suffering from Leishamiasis.  Leishamiasis is a parasite infection caused by the sand fly that is found in the blood and can cause a range of symptoms.  Although not endemic in this country, it is very common in Greece.

    Niko has started treatment for the condition and is showing very good improvement.  The condition will need to be treated for at least 6 months and will always be a threat throughout his life.

    Niko will need to be reguarly monitored throughout his life but is looking good and behaving like a happy and healthy dog.  Niko has been a pleasure to care for.


  • Slimmer of the Month
    Slimmer of the Month

    This is George, he is a Golden Retriever who has been on a weight loss mission!

    Last August, George weight 54.6kg and was severely overweight, putting him at a greater risk of many health problems.

    With the help and support from Shelley, our Weight Watcher's Nurse and George's amazing and dedicated owners, George now weighs a healthy 44.4kg and officially has an ideal body condition score!

    We are SO PROUD of George and his owners and would like to share his fantastic success!




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